Our services

Optimize the performance of your LEV fleet with our smart maintenance service and advanced asset management platform.

Maintenance and repair

Optimize LEV performance

Ensure optimal performance of your LEVs and cargo bikes with our industry-leading maintenance and repair services. Our primary focus is to prevent unnecessary depreciation and maximize the uptime of your fleet. We understand the crucial role of well-maintained LEV fleets in facilitating efficient last-mile delivery.


Maximize fleet reliability

Our maintenance and repair service guarantees that your cargo bikes receive the highest level of care, ensuring that your fleet remains consistently reliable and dependable.


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Fleet management

Preventive maintenance

Predict and prevent downtime, gain data-driven insights, and optimize your fleet’s performance with our neutral multi-stakeholder platform Servioty.


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Consultancy and advice

Insights for optimal fleet operations

Benefit from our expertise and industry knowledge gained through the analysis of over 25 million kilometers of anonymized service and usage data. We have identified key factors that hinder sustainable operations in fleets, allowing us to provide valuable consultancy and advice to optimize your operations.


Data-driven strategies

Our data-driven approach enables us to pinpoint the challenges affecting fleet sustainability. With our insights, we can guide you in implementing effective strategies to overcome these obstacles and achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.


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