Our packages

    • * €99,-

      Basic tune up

      With a checklist of more than 30 points not so basic

      • Safety check
      • Wear and tear check
      • Drivetrain check & tune
      • Bearing check and tune
      • Headset and bottom bracket check and tune
      • Torque check & tune
      • Minor wheel truing
      * We recommend this tune up every 6 months
    • * €149,-

      Full tune up


      • All the elements of the basic tune up +
      • Full wheel truing
      • Extended drivetrain check and tune
      • Bearing wear check, lube and tune
      • Brake check and full tuning
      * We recommend this tune up before a big event or yearly
    • * €19,-

      Specific services

      We offer all services that a premium bike shop offers at fair prices

      • Bike delivery and assembly
      • Flat tire service
      • Suspension shock and fork service
      • Drive train tune up
      • Brake tuning and bleeding
      • Tubeless conversion
      • Overhauls and tune up's
      • Or simply let us know in the booking process...!
      * *The minimum combined price is 79 euro
    • * €79,-

      Basic tune up

      With more than 30 service points actually not so basic!


      • Safety check
      • Wear and tear check
      • Drivetrain check
      • Bearing check and adjustment
      • Brakes adjustment
      • Headset & bottom bracket
      • Torque check and adjustments
      • Minor wheel truing
      * We recommend this service every 6 months.
    • * €119,-

      Full Tune Up

      Your bike will be in new condition


      • All the points from the basic tune up +
      • Full wheel truing
      • Extended Drivetrain check
      • Bearing wear check, lubrication and adjustment
      • Brakes adjustment and bleeding
      * Getting ready for a big event or simply in need of a bike overhaul: This is your service
    • * €15,-

      Specific Services

      Want something specific done on your bike, choose from one of the many services we offer during checkout

      Choose from different services:

      • Wheel truing
      • Bike Assembly
      • Flat Tire Service
      • Suspension fork and shock service
      • Drivetrain tune up
      • Brake bleeding and tuning
      • Tire installation
      • Tubeless conversion
      • Or simply let us know in the booking process...!
      * * The minimum combined price is 15 euro
  • Pricing and Quotations

    We provide premium service at similar prices to a local bike shop. If you are unsure of what service to select, you can simply select ‘I do not know what to select’ during the booking process and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    We do not charge travelling costs.

  • Payment

    You do not have to pay in advance, neither do we request upfront payment information. Payment is done via card in the service truck after your service has been completed.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    You only pay when you are satisfied with your service. Our mechanics will not leave until your bike is ready to ride and you are satisfied. Contact us if you are not satisfied in hindsight.

Our services

  • Mobile Bike Service

    Our mobile service van comes to you and services your bike where and when you want.
    FOur mobile service van comes to you and services your bike where and when you want.
    Forget the hassle of opening hours and save a lot of time.

    You decide when, where and what kind of service you need, and you simply book your appointment online through our convenient booking tool. We are your full service partner, no matter which type of bike and where you bought it.

    Read more
  • Bike delivery

    We deliver your online purchased bike fully assembled and ready to ride to your doorstep, basic bike fitting included.

    Read more
  • Stationary Service Points

    You prefer to bring your bike to us? Simply book your desired appointment at one of our selected service points in your area and drop your bike there.

    Read more

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