• Brand partnerships

    Partnering with the Get Bike Service franchise system increases business relevance

    By working together to create a Europe-wide bike, service, repair and delivery network we become much more relevant for bike and cycling product brands to endorse. One mobile or one stationary service point has little relevance to a large bicycle brand in terms of promotion and endorsement; a large-scale certified network, on the other hand, establishes a compelling total bike service solution for the entire bicycle industry.

  • Processes and Quality control

    Measurement and standardization is the base for consistency and high quality

    We use advanced and automated processes for measuring and maintaining our high quality standards at our franchisees. We are open and transparent about our performance, so you can see at all times how your customers rate us.

  • Knowledge system & skill sets

    Our systems learn and know your skill levels and certifications. Take advantage of our e-learning tools for partner brand products, and gain access to delivery, warranty terms and conditions, and service work for all bike and cycling-product partner brands. We provide you with the knowledge systems, skill sets, and many convenient ways to ask all the experts (colleague franchisees) in the Get Bike Service network.

  • Procurement contracts

    Access to the right brands at the right conditions

    Get Bike Service has framework contracts with multiple product brands and distributors in your area, so you get the best possible procurement conditions.

  • Turnkey solution

    Starting a new business made easy

    We have been through the start up process before and have standardised all processes to get you on the road as soon as possible. At the outset, you’ll receive your professionally built-out mobile service point, the Get Bike Service van, fully ready for its first service order.

  • Expert & Colleague network

    Together we know everything

    Our IT solutions provide an easy and convenient way to ask Get Bike Service experts within the service network for their expertise or suggestions on difficult cases or questions you may have. Conversely, you will be able to provide your knowledge and expertise to the service network. It’s a two-way street so that, together, we’re better.

  • IT solution

    Lightyears ahead and easy to use

    Our customized systems are based on proven technology, but are fully customizable to do what you need and expect: a customer experience beyond expectations, and functionality for your business which goes far beyond your wildest imagination.

  • A strong brand

    Consistency in everything we do

    Working with us means that your customers always get the same, consistent, and high-quality bike service experience. Our brand and messaging starts with the Get Bike Service logo, and is then consistently pushed and reinforced through our website, mobile van design, and the way in which our bike mechanics work and interact with your customers. The Get Bike Service brand is not just a logo: it is who we are.

  • ‘Dutch Donkey’ protection

    The Dutch proverb, “A donkey never hits the same stone twice,” means one learns by doing, and thereby avoids making the same mistake twice. Get Bike Service consists of entrepreneurs with a common vision and similar targets, and their sharing of information and lessons learned mean you, as a new franchisee, automatically benefit from complimentary ‘Dutch Donkey protection:’ we’ve already learned the hard lessons, so you don’t have to.

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