• A service revolution

    GO Bikeservice is a new and innovative service solution focussed on the European bicycle/mobility market. We named our approach S-DTC or Supported Direct-To-Consumer. It is the largest service revolution in the bicycle industry and is as the basis of a true Omni-channel sales strategy where you as a bikeshop will be an important partner

  • Strong fundament

    The fundament of success in this solution is scalability, efficiency and pro-active marketing. Our Smart IT solutions are a strong foundation for customer satisfaction. As long as you keep your availability in sync with our system we will provide you with customers and work.

  • Customer centric

    Customers are buying bikes at your shop but also on the internet. What if the best solution is a combination of both? Why fight the decision of a customer to buy online? Your strength lies in service and that is what you can provide through us. We guide customers to you for delivery and service of bikes. Keep that customer happy and you have a returning buyer.

  • The solution for internet sales

    It’s time to embrace internet sales as an option to buy bikes. The customer decides how he wants to buy and it is up to us to facilitate this. Service is (and will be) an offline offering. The way in which services are booked has not been up to expectations until now: GO BikeService makes it easy for your customer and for your mechanic to connect.

  • Become the future

    Becoming a service partner is simple: for a small connection and installation fee you are immediately bookable. A one day training ensures you know our processes. Keep your workshop agenda in sync and we will deliver you new customers.

  • Advanced customer marketing actions

    Our systems are built to utilise customer data to mass customise marketing messages: we understand our customers and their bikes based upon information we gather during our touchpoints with customers. This enables us to provide better customer service and provide the relevant services and products at the right time

  • Workshop load balancing

    Our marketing efforts work to fill your workshop when you need it the most. Our systems automatically target customers who likely need service based on their bicycle condition and activity. However, this only makes sense if you have room in your workshop agenda. Our marketing systems understand this and will increase marketing efforts when your agenda fillgrade is below a certain threshold: This ensures better availability for your customer and higher workshop revenue in slower months.

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