Our services

  • Service

    End customers and bike brands alike can plan bike service requests directly in our Get Bike Service system.

  • Delivery

    We offer last-mile delivery options, ranging from full bike builds to final bike assembly so that the customer receives a complete, professionally-built, and quality-checked bicycle. We also take care of bike return pickups.

  • Warranty requirements

    With our B2B solutions, bike brands can book warranty work directly in the workshop planning of service points.

  • Basic and advanced bikefitting

    Get Bike Service can provide your customers a basic bike fit during the delivery of their new bike. Upgrades to advanced bike fits are possible at certified service points.

  • Event support

    Our mobile service points are nothing less than professional and fully-equipped mobile bike shops, designed to support your teams and customers at events all around Europe.

  • Demo bikes

    By providing our service points with demo bikes, we can provide your customers with demo bike opportunities at their home or at a nearby stationary service point.

  • Fleet management

    We take care of product selection, installation, and on-going maintenance of your bike fleets.

Our concept

We are the complete service and delivery solution for the bike industry. With strong customer focus, scalable systems, rigid quality control and process standardisation, we are shaping a service system which enables customers, bicycle brands, and bike service points to work together in an efficient and customer-focussed way.

What sets us apart is our visionary approach to customer service. Our processes and systems are built based upon what the customer requires, not on what our systems can provide or an outdated mentality of ‘this is how things have always been done.’

  • A service revolution

    Get Bikes Service is a new and innovative bike service and bike repair solution focussed on the European bicycle/mobility market. We call our approach S-DTC, or Supported Direct-To-Consumer. It is the largest bike service and repair revolution in the bicycle industry, and serves as the basis of a true omni-channel bike sales and repair strategy where the bike shop and the bike brand are an important and integral partner.

  • Strong foundation

    The foundation of success in the Get Bike Service solution is scalability, efficiency and pro-active marketing. Our Smart IT solutions provide the basis for this foundation, and have been engineered for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • The solution for internet sales

    It’s time to embrace internet as an option to buy as well as service and repair bikes. Today’s bike customer wants and deserves to buy online or in-store, and as professionals it’s our job is facilitate consumers’ choices and buying patterns. Service is and will remain an off-line offering, but this doesn’t mean that the convenience of online scheduling and support can’t enhance your customer’s bike ownership experience. Until now, how bike services and repairs have been booked have not been up to customers’ expectations. Get Bike Service changes all that and makes it easy for your customer and your mechanic to connect.

  • Advanced customer marketing actions

    Our systems are built to utilise customer data to customise marketing messages: we understand our customers and their bikes based upon information we gather at our mobile and stationary customer touchpoints. This enables us to provide better individual customer experience through offering applicable services and products at the right time.

  • Workshop load balancing

    Our marketing efforts work to fill your workshop when you need it the most. Our systems automatically target customers who likely need service based upon their activity habits and bicycle condition. However, this only makes sense if you have room in your workshop agenda. Our marketing systems understand this, and will increase marketing efforts when your capacity falls below a certain threshold: This ensures…

  • A strong brand

    Working with us means that your customers get the same consistent experience everywhere. Our brand and messaging starts at the logo, website and is consistently pushed through in the van designs and the way in which our mechanics work and act. A brand is not just a logo, it is what we are.

  • Brand partnerships

    By working together to create a European wide service and delivery network we become much more relevant for brands to work with. One mobile or stationary service point has little relevance to a large bicycle brand in terms of promoting this as a certified service point. A whole network, on the other hand, becomes a total service solution in the bicycle industry.

  • Consistency and measurable quality

    We take responsibility for the delivered quality by using strict processes, quality control and customer feedback. By adding value to all parties in the network we believe that the intrinsic focus will be positive for all parties. Together with the service points you create a better customer experience, together with the customer you create more revenue for the service points.

  • Knowledge system & Skill Sets

    Our systems know your skill levels and certifications. Learn via our e-learning tools about partner brand products and gain access to delivery, warranty and service work for these brands. We provide you with knowledge systems, skill sets and  convenient ways to ask ‘the experts’ (colleague franchisees) in the Get Bike Service network.

  • Omni Channel

    Get Bike Service enables brands to start their European omni channel strategy immediately. Focus on products, sales and branding/marketing. Get Bike Service will do the final mile delivery, service, demo, and warranty work on bikes, in short ensure total customer satisfaction after the customer clicks ‘buy’.

  • Strong fundament

    The fundament of success in this solution is scalability, efficiency and pro-active marketing. Our Smart IT solutions are a strong fundament for customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Centric

    Customers are buying bikes at your shop but also on the internet. What if the best solution is a combination of both? Why fight the decision of a customer to buy online? Your strength lies in service and that is what you can provide through. We guide customers to you for delivery and service of bikes. Keep that customer happy and you have a returning buyer.

  • Scale and geo focus

    A service network only has value when it can be offered to a large part of a brands’ customers. In the first period our focus will be on Germany, France and the Benelux, closely followed by other EU countries. Combining stationary & mobile solutions plus working together with existing shops will ensure fast scaling and network value

  • Mobile and stationary

    GO Bike Service is designed to work with different service solutions: We work with stationary service shops, large and small retailers, GO Bike Service specific service points and mobile solutions with different skill sets and capabilities. It is not the system which decides which service solution is most suitable: the customer chooses the preferred solution.

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